Place des Terreaux 1st arrondissement of Lyon

The man who created the Statue of Liberty in New York also created this powerful sculpture in the centre of the city of Lyon. This is just one of the horses sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and is part of La Fontaine Bartholdi. I have photographed this fountain from every conceivable angle and there is always a new configuration of shapes to record. This shot is vignetted to draw attention to the overwhelming sense of drama and emovement.

The design of Vintage cars was about far more than engineering and technological functionality. These cars celebrated form, aesthetics and culture. The styles, colours and sculptural contours reflect the preoccupations of certain 20th Century art movements, including Art Nouveau and Art Deco; they appealed directly to the senses. Thankfully, the design constraints imposed by aerodynamics and fuel efficiency had yet to play a significant role in their appearance. Headlights, indicators, running boards and wheel arches were glorious opportunities for embellishment and ornament and there was an explosion of visual creativity. Take a look at these fantastic examples from the Technical and Transportation Museum in Budapest.

Technical and Transportation Museum, Budapest

Technical and Transportation Museum, Budapest
black vintage car
Technical and Transportation Museum, Budapest
Technical and Transportation Museum, Budapest

vintage car jaguar photograph

Who needs galleries when art would pass you by as you walked down the street. These vintage cars from a bygone era were essentially sculptures on wheels. I couldn’t resist photographing the wonderful collection on display at the Technical and Transportation Museum in Budapest. This is a Jaguar; just look at the sweeping curves, the headlights and the beautiful paintwork… mobile art for all.

Breckland or the Brecks is a wild landscape of dark forests, open heathlands, sandy soils and iconic belts of pine trees that straddle the Suffolk and Norfolk border. On the edge of the vast Thetford Forest lies Brandon Country Park, a beautiful location, particularly at this time of the year. Naturally, I had my camera with me and here is one of the photographs I took this morning, just as the sun appeared. For the photographers who may be interested, I was using the Panasonic Lumix G9 and Olympus 12-40 lens.

I am reliably informed that Autumn is the best season for finding unusual Funghi in the forest and I wasn’t disappointed; there were mushrooms in abundance. In retrospect, I really should have brought along my macro lens and tripod but this handheld shot will give you an idea of what you can find.

Amanita. muscaria is a bright red-and-white mushroom, and the fungus is psychoactive when consumed… have been warned.

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Lisbon is a city full of beautiful ornate buildings displaying rich architectural details and often with highly decorative tiled surfaces. This large scale photograph is a montage of a selection of images taken earlier this year in and includes buildings located on the main avenues leading down to the Alfama district.