Empire of The Sun

Acrylic on canvas

Size: 100 x 100 x 2cm

This is a multi layered acrylic painting on a high quality canvas frame. In this larger scale work I have been preoccupied with the rhythmic qualities of hand writing and calligraphy; I have tried to infuse the surface of the canvas with a sense of light and intensity. There is no over arching composition here; all of the myriad small brush-stokes and simple forms connect with and relate to each other. Below the radiating surface of indecipherable marks, there is a counterpoint of horizontal bands of tone and colour, echoing land and distant horizons.



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Up here among the gull cries
we stroll through a maze of pale
red-mottled relics, shells, claws

as if it were summer still.
That season has turned its back.
Through the green sea gardens stall

(from) Sylvia Plath


This painting developed from a desire to create a sense of movement across the surface of the canvas. The style is reminiscent of cubism and the image is built up from a network of short brush strokes and intersecting shards of light. The subject matter is concerned with the natural world, shoals of fish darting to and fro, fields of wild flowers alternately caught in the breeze, birds in flight amidst the clouds and sunlight.


This is a mixed-media landscape painting on a 60cm x 60cm deep edge canvas; it is semi abstract and minimalist in terms of technique and style. I have based the painting on my day to day experience of living in the determinedly understated Fenland landscape of East Cambridgeshire in England. The heavy texture of the painting combines gesso, sand, plaster and oil paint and is applied with a variety of tools and implements.  The surface is built up in successive layers over a period of time….if you walked across it you would need to clean the mud off your shoes with a knife. You may detect the influence of the contemporary German artists Anselm Kiefer and Gerhardt Richter.