Eriswell: A Mixed Media Painting


This is a mixed-media landscape painting on a 103cm x 76cm deep edge canvas. It is semi abstract and expressionistic in terms of technique and style. It is based on my day to day experience of living in the dramatic Fenland landscape of East Cambridgeshire in England. The heavy texture of the painting combines gesso, sand, plaster and oil paint. The material and paint is applied with a variety of tools including brushes and palette knives with the surface is built up in layers and glazes over a period of time. I have been influenced by the contemporary artists Anselm Kiefer and Gerhardt Richter.


Sound Stage

Painting: Oil on Deep Edge Canvas Size: 95 H x 64 W x 2 cm
Painting: Sound Stage: Oil on Deep Edge Canvas
Size: 95 H x 64 W x 2 cm

This is an oil painting on a deep edge canvas using a cold wax medium. The cold wax process favors rapid execution and energetic marks or gestures, encouraging the creation of layers of translucent color, texture and impasto. Perspective is deliberately ambiguous and suggested only by changes in scale and the intensity of colour values. This painting is influenced by abstract expressionism and a deliberate simplification of forms.

This theme is a continuing exploration of landscape and nature, specifically the flat landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fenlands, but generally…all land. Sound Stage…….because I am interested in the history of the land, the accretion of time and changes wrought by man, the taming of nature, the exercise of control and imposition of order. The division and subdivision, ownership and stewardship. But more than anything else, the land is an endowment, a gift from one generation to the next.

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Current work


I am working on 2 cold wax oil paintings at the moment, side by side on 60 cm x 60 cm panels, trying to balance the conflicting demands of perspective and compositional tension whilst retaining the integrity of the picture plane…. it is of course an impossible and unrealistic task, but occasionally, out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of a resolution …….that’s the game we play.