Way Head Drove


This morning the low sun cast long shadows on the road to Coveney.  The farm vehicles were busy churning up the heavy clay soil and making new tracks along the lane. My road bike with limited tyre tread added to the precarious nature of the journey. It is a beautiful time of the year in the Fenland.


Ely Cathedral (with addition of birds)

cathwit5h birds

I added some details to this composite image; birds circling the tower. I think it works better than the previous shot.



Avery Hardoll

I stumbled across this nostalgic scene whilst cycling around the Fenlands in Cambridgeshire

Cling to it long enough, and not a doubt It will turn true again, for so it goes.
Most of the change we think we see in life Is due to truths being in and out of favour.

Robert Frostuntitled (68 of 79)