Many medieval churches and buildings in northern Cyprus are being looted or destroyed, according to a report issued last month (2009) by the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, an agency of the United States government.

The report, “Cyprus’ Religious Cultural Heritage in Peril” was authored by Byzantine art history experts Dr. Charalampos Chotzakoglou and Dr. Klaus Gallas, as well as by the journalist Michael Jansen, who has written the book “War and Cultural Heritage: Cyprus After the 1974 Turkish Invasion”. They claim that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which rules the northern third of the island, and the Turkish military, have been supporting the removal of artifacts from abandoned Christian churches and selling them internationally.

From ‘Medieval and Ancient History News’

This is a photograph of the interior of Agios Georgios Church, in the village of Kaplica in Northern Cyprus.


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The Dovecot Studio forms part of the internationally renowned music campus at Snape Maltings founded by Benjamin Britten in derelict industrial buildings on the Suffolk coast. Britten was inspired by the almost abstract landscape of the reedbeds at the boundary between the land and the sea: the ruins of a nineteenth century dovecot sit directly on this boundary looking out across the marshes. The Dovecot Studio inhabits the ruins and expresses the internal volume of the Victorian structure as a Cor-ten steel lining a monocoque welded structure that was built next to the ruin and craned in when complete. The building is fully welded in a single piece like the hull of a ship to achieve weather tightness and then fitted with a simple plywood inner lining. A large north light roof window provides even light for artists while a small mezzanine platform with a writing desk incorporates a fully opening glazed corner window that gives long views over the marshes towards the sea. The single volume will be used by artists in residence (it can operate as a simple bedsitting room with a compact kitchen) by musicians as rehearsal or performance space (there is a large opening door to an adjoining courtyard) by staff for meetings or as a temporary exhibition space.