Quanea Drove


n nature time is always occupied; endlessly engaged, transforming surfaces, altering appearances….. staining and corroding, layering and revealing, cleansing and encasing.

This image uses successive layers of cold wax, allowing for heavy impasto and fine incisions with a variety of tools and instruments. It is based directly on the landscape of the Fens seen within a ten mile radius of Ely cathedral. Most days, if you are in the area, you will find me cycling through this landscape in all weathers…I stop to draw, take photographs and just allow the scenes to etch into my memory. These paintings are as much about accumulated experience as they are about a specific location or scene. The straight ahead dykes, the uneven roads and the ploughed fields coalesce in my imagination and record my steps through thick paint and rhythmic mark making.


Quanea Drove: Detail