New Work

Black River

bitumen paintings_233
‘Black River’ 100 x 70 cm

‘Black River’ is part of my current Fenland series. The materials used in this work include bitumen, pumice stone and cold wax medium. In this work I continue to explore  the contrasts between reflective and matt surfaces and how they interact with different light sources. The detailed images below should provide an indication of the underlying rhythmic qualities created by the subtle use of oil paint and cold wax impasto. The  materials have been applied with a combination of brushes, palette knives and card.

Black River

Detail of Black River




Gilded Shore

bitumen paintings_250
‘Gilded Shore’ 100 x 70 cm


Gilded Shore is an abstract painting in terms of technique, style and intention. It is based on the flat, open landscapes of the East Anglian Fenland. Semi transparent glazes give depth and luminosity as light is reflected through the layers of pigment. The variegated surface of the painting is achieved with thickly applied bitumen and cold wax medium. The lustrous quality or sheen is achieved through a combination of burnishing the wax surface and interleaved layers of metallic paint. A variety of tools and implements have been used to create incisions, marks and subtle textures that can be read as earth, sky, and water. The restricted reference to three dimensional space is designed to create a subtle counterpoint the pictorial flatness of the deep raw and burnt umbers.

bitumen paintings_258.jpg
Detail of Gilded Shore