1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks, Yes, I have done some additional editing with photoshop on this one. Not exactly certain about the sepia tone, possibly too nostalgic but you have to try these things. The exhibition went well thanks, sold a couple of pieces so that keeps the whole process going. Tim, I have a question about wordpress, I never receive any notifications from other ‘bloggers’ like yourself. Do you know what settings I should be using? It would be good to keep up to date.

      Take Care



      1. Hi Peter,
        Congratulations on continued sales.
        You many want to go to Reader, mine is in the upper left corner of my screen. To the right of Followed Sites you’ll see Manage. Click on Manage and you’ll see a list of those you follow. Click on the > left of the person’s logo and it will open up more choices. Here you can select getting email. Also, I try to daily look at the list of followers whose posting show up on the right. I hope this helps.


      2. Hi Tim,

        Thanks….I think i’m getting the hang of this…so many menus to navigate with wordpress. The problem I had previously was that my email inbox filled up with 1oo’s of wordpress notifications every day…I changed something, then I didn’t get any at all. Hopefully I have a balance now.



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