Cambridge Magazine

Details of the upcoming exhibition of work by Caroline Forward, Peter Corr and Paul Janssens in the November issue of the Cambridge Magazine.

Cambridge Magazine November 2016



    1. Thank you Tim, and thank you for your thoughtful comments. I can see you are a fellow photographer and enthusiast. You may be interested to know that I have recently been using the Fuji X100S which is a wonderful camera in my opinion. I take it with me more or less everywhere. The misty images however were taken with a canon 5D2 and 70 -200 f4 lens (the non is version) and processed with Silver Efex. I am amazed that this software is now available for free. Sorry you won’t be able to make it to the exhibition this evening…just a little out of your way I feel.

      Take Care. Pete


      1. Peter, your welcome. The smaller mirrorless cameras are really something. Over time they many dominate the market. Thank you for the background on the two images. I too like the NIK produces. NIK going free is great but being a bit of a cynic I’m concerned that it will no longer be supported and will go the way of some of Apple’s products.
        Best, with the opening.


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